Forwarding Email to an account.

This issue will only affect people trying to setup an email account or an email alias on our system that forwards to an account at It will not affect any other accounts.

Due to a flaw in AOL’s spam reporting system, we will no longer allow POP3 account forwarding or email aliases from accounts hosted on our mail servers to AOL accounts. This block will stay in effect until AOL corrects the problems with their system.

Reason for the Change :

Currently, if you have an alias or POP3 account setup on our system that forwards email to an AOL account and you report an email as spam with AOL, it blocks our server (the server your account is hosted on), not the actual sender of the message. In effect, AOL is shooting the messenger since our system is only passing the email from your account here to your account as you ask it to. The email is not originating from our users or email server but we are being penalized for the junk mail and not the person that actually sent it.

While this may not seem like an ideal solution, it is the only remedy we have until the AOL system is modified. When AOL blocks our mail server not only would you not receive the email forwarded to your anyway, no one on our server, including you, would be able to send to any email addressed to

Alternatives to forwarding to an account:

Setup a POP3 Account on your account here and check that email with an email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape or web mail.

Setup your POP3 account or email alias to forward to an account other than your account, such as or
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